By the sea,
close to the
city centre

Ideally located in Ruoholahti, close to the lively West Terminal and only a couple of hours away from Tallinn, Estonia, Dimensio is Helsinki’s western gate to the world. You can easily reach us both by land and by sea.

Dimensio is a modern commercial building finished in 1998. The bright and flexible office spaces work well both as open plan workspaces and as separate office rooms according to your needs.


Dimensio boasts stylish spaces and facilities according to modern requirements, with a bright and fresh overall appearance.

How to get here

Dimensio is located by excellent public transport connections. You can also easily reach us by car.

In addition to our own car park, tenants can also use parking spaces in nearby Ruohopark with a heated connection to Dimensio.

There is a tram and bus stop right next to the building, and the Ruoholahti metro station as well as versatile services are located just a stone’s throw away.

Contact details

Reception services

Reception. 1st floor
Monday to Thursday 07:45 am – 4:15 pm
Fridays 07:45 am – 4 pm
Tel. +358 40 182 9459

Property management

Jaana Henriksson
Customer service manager
Tel. +358 40 826 1066